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February 10, 2013

In response to an inquiry about the Music Vault Diamond:

The quick response is; It’s simply the best audio purchase I have ever made and that’s with 3 years of hindsight. And Neal’s personal and ongoing support is simply outstanding.

The longer response: I have well over 2000 CD’s and a healthy downloaded collection as well. The flexibility the Music vault provides in terms of playlists is endless and translates to me enjoying my music collection more that I could have ever imagined. Prior to purchasing, I read reviews of how the Music Vault also sounds better that virtually any cd player, and frankly I was skeptical. Truth be told, the sound from the Music Vault has surpassed my CD player in every A/B test I’ve tried, and I use the DAC in my CD player for the Music Vault, so it’s a true A/B comparison. The music is clearer, and the soundstage is far more detailed. I can’t explain why as I am not a sound engineer like Neal. On top of that, High Resolution downloads will open up an entire new experience for you. The Music Vault is akin to the experience of a good IMAC theater to a standard movie theater, the difference is noticeable.

Best of all Neal will set your Music Vault up to optimal settings for your audio system. He does this remotely and he is always available. I remember one instance where I needed his guidance and he responded to my email within 5 minutes via a phone call. He said he was on his way to the Symphony with his family (it was a Saturday night) and said he would help me with the desired adjustments on Sunday. Well, when I awoke on Sunday morning, it was already done by Neal, I didn’t have to do anything. Today, I changed my Music Vault over to JRiver for playback because my collection of 19,000 tracks (and growing) would be easier to manage. I sent Neal an email at 7:40 am my time / 5:40 am his time to ask about the proper playback setting for JRiver. I then went out to shovel some snow and when I came back in the house, Neal had already made all the settings for me. I do not own anything audio or otherwise where this kind of assistance is available. I truly believe he puts his heart and soul into every Music Vault and views each customer as family.

The Music Vault is very well built, and includes a back-up for your music collection, it sounds terrific, it is easy to use and Neal is a true pleasure to work with. Because of my experience with my Music Vault, I will not hesitate to purchase additional audio equipment from Neal.

- Warren H.