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2015 Review, An Axpona 2015 Review from Greg Weaver at The Absolute Sound

Another room that could really sing was the King Sound/KR Audio collaboration. Music Vault’s Diamond Ultra music server ($4995) provided ones and zeros to the Allnic D-500 tube DAC ($11,900). KR Audio electronics included the P-130 linestage ($5600) and VA-910 Ultra Linear amps ($16,500/pr.). Speakers were the Kingsound Prince III two-way, full-range ESLs ($9995/pr.), and all wires were from Dana Cable. Detail, microdynamic resolution, and near pitch-perfect timbre were hallmarks of this seductive and engrossing system.


2015 Review, From Julie Mullins at The Absolute Sound

In electrostat land, the KingSound Prince III two-way, full-range electrostatic loudspeakers ($9995) offered gorgeous detail with extremely spacious and open soundstaging, along with some “current” safety enhancements designed to prevent shocks in case kids or dogs knock over these 36-pound panels. For one, the stators are charged by a three-amp, 12-volt power supply, so there’s no lethal voltage. They’re also UT-approved and fully (and conveniently) serviceable: All seven framed panels can be switched out for repair or replacement.

On the headphones front, KingSound also demo’d its KS-H3 full-range, electrostatic cans in a unique A/B testing format that allowed you to compare tube vs. solid-state desktop headphone amps. You simply put on the incredibly light (as in one pound) KingSound ’phones and plug them into either the M-10 solid-state amplifier ($1250 for the H3 combo) or the M-20 OTL tube amplifier ($2150 with H3). Though the tubes offered extra richness, both amps had such a big, full, open sound and such detailed imaging they hardly sounded like headphones—and they’re so compact, you might decide you like it both ways.


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2015 An RMAF review from The Audio Traveler, which includes our favorite quote from reviewers: "Ha! I laugh in your general direction, you hamster!" See what that's about.

2015 Another RMAF review from Home Theater Shack's AudiocRaver for the Sound Science room including the KingSound Prince III speakers coupled with Lingdorf Room Correction.

2013 Check out a smashing review from Part-Time Audiophile about the Sound Science & Shaker Logic room RMAF 2013.

2013 See a live review by Tyson & Pez of Audio Circle. The Shaker Logic & Sound Science system was also selected as one of the "Best of RMAF," specifically with the KingSound King III speakers. Check it out! RMAF 2013.

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